Many people wonder if sitting at a desk all day is bad for their health.

Even with the latest ergonomic seating options and anti carpel tunnel devices, 1000’s of desk work related injures are reported every month. Back, hip, wrist, and neck injuries are some of the most common type of problems, but other issues are also reported, such as Diabetes, weight gain, dry eyes, and varicose veins.
Controlling your eating while sitting at your desk is very important, as well as taking regular breaks away from your desk. This will help keep your muscles from getting too tight and keep your blood circulating. Plan for health snacks throughout the day, including as many fruits and vegetables as you can eat. Avoid foods found in vending machines and sodas.

As for back, neck, and joint issues, it’s a good idea to exercise and stretch on a regular basis for preventive measures. If you experience pain you should immediately inform your supervisor and visit a chiropractor or medical doctor to determine the type of injury you have sustained. In most cases, a quick chiropractic treatment may fix the problem, while others may be more difficult to treat.