What To Expect

Many people don’t know what to expect when they get started with a chiropractor. Hopefully this article will help ease the tension about planning your first visit to a chiropractor. Living with back pain is no fun and the longer you let it go, the more time it will take to get better, so please give us a call and schedule your appointment today.

The First Visit

chiropractic-helpsMost chiropractic offices operate about the same, so even if you are not located in Dallas Texas and planning to visit Dr. Perez, your experience should be about the same. One the first visit, you should be asked to complete a comprehensive questionnaire to inform the doctor about your injury and lifestyle. This will help determine the best treatment to get you back to 100% again. Depending on the injury type and previous injuries, you may need x-rays to determine the extent of the problem.

Once the cause of the problem is identified, the doctor will likely provide treatments the same day. The first treatment will almost always be a gentle manipulation. Prior to the manipulation, the treatment area is sometimes massaged or loosened up with a heating pad or electric stimulation. Throughout the entire treatment, you should not experience any pain and you should be perfectly comfortable.

Following the first treatment, you may experience some soreness around the treatment area. Overall, you should feel relief from the first treatment and depending on the injury, you may even feel 100% better.

Following Visits

Follow up visits are often scheduled for continuing treatments or just to check to make sure the relief is long term. The longer you have had the injury, the more visits you’ll likely need. In future visits, massage therapy may be recommended and depending on your comfort level, the doctor can do more manual manipulation in one session.

Most patients experience relief after just one visit, but need several more treatments for a complete recovery. Give us a call today if you would like to discuss your injury on the phone or schedule a visit to speak in person.